Job Opportunities at Cirrus Consulting Group

Are you?

A Problem Solver?

You need to solve your clients’ problems effectively and efficiently to generate value.


You need curiosity and a willingness to embrace new possibilities and solutions

Great Communicator?

You need to be persuasive in your communications and negotiate successfully with competing stakeholders.

A Doer?

You need to implement your ideas and get things done in order to make a meaningful impact.


You need to complete projects accurately and in a timely manner, because our clients often hire us under very short timelines for solution delivery.


You need to care about the business and our clients to be valued.

Founded in 1994, Cirrus Consulting Group is a fast-growing, innovative, entrepreneurial healthcare consulting and dental and medical office leasing company, well-positioned for continued success.

  • We embrace diversity of thought, innovation and hard work, while shunning bureaucracy and mediocrity.
  • We are an open-minded, flexible company, that welcomes those who possess the values that we value.
  • We offer a rewarding platform for professionals who want to accelerate their careers in an exciting field.
  • We are always looking for highly motivated people who truly understand how to deliver value to our clients.
  • We offer a variety of career choices, meaningful mentoring programs and advancement opportunities for performance-driven candidates.

Current Job Opportunities

Senior Sales Consultant, Toronto
Commercial Real Estate Sales Representative, Toronto
Administrative Assistant, Healthcare Consulting, Toronto
Operations Assistant, Toronto