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Presented by some of the industry’s greatest authorities in dental & medical practice success and consulting, Cirrus Consulting Group has been offering Dentists and Physicians the exciting opportunity to attend our value-packed, continuing education in dentistry and medical seminars across North America.

The goal of our seminars and webinars is to better-educate doctors in efficiently operating and managing their medical practices, alleviating stress, optimizing income, and promoting peace of mind and quality patient care.  Our expert healthcare consultants offer seminars specific to the needs of both physicians and dentists.

Dental Continuing Education Seminars
Healthcare Seminars for Physicians

Dental Leasing Seminars

‘How to Avoid $100,000 Traps and Tricks Hidden in Your Dental Office Lease’

Dental Seminar Topics Covered

  • How risks within your dental lease can negatively affect your practice.
  • The importance of timing and the tenant lease cycle.
  • Ensure fair and affordable terms, limiting personal liability.
  • Effective dental lease negotiation processes and strategies, and gaining leverage with your landlord.

Attend a Continuing Education Seminar for Dentists

Healthcare Seminars for Physicians: What You’ll Learn

  • Ways to increase practice revenue in the Family Health Organization (FHO) medical billing model.
  • Medical practice management best-practices.
  • Methods of combating Ministry of Health (MOH) changes that can potentially reduce your income.
  • Decrease Outside Use, with better methods to billing Outside the Basket.
  • Strategies and tactics to optimize the various premiums and medical bonuses available to Ontario Physicians.
  • A better understanding of the complex medical billing models to optimize the various premiums and medical bonuses available.

Attend a Healthcare Seminar for Physicians

Why Trust Our Experts

  • Established in 1994, we were founded by doctors, for doctors!
  • We’ve helped thousands of doctors better-optimize their medical practice income.
  • We’ve transitioned hundreds of Ontario doctors from every billing model to the FHO model.
  • We’ve successfully negotiated over 10,000 lease agreements across North America.
  • We’ve saved thousands of doctors $100,000’s  in rent, while significantly increasing the value of their practice.
  • Our skilled healthcare office lease negotiators have over 100 years of combined experience.

Our Doctors Love our Healthcare Seminars!