Henry Schein Canada Spotlight | Jonathan Hollink, ESS

“Always engage the experts. We build practices. Cirrus ensures those practices have a strong lease agreement with fair and affordable terms.”

Jonathan Hollink, ESS | Henry Schein Ottawa, ON

The Greatest Organization in Dental

I have been in dental for 10 years, the last two with Henry Schein Canada as an Equipment Sales Specialist (ESS). I am proud to work with the best dental professionals in the business, for the greatest organization in dental. The ability to bring value to our clients is what sets us apart from everyone else. Partners like Cirrus Consulting Group illustrate our value, and add commitment to our clients as our combined services allow our doctors to focus on dentistry while we focus on their best interests in the background.

When working with a dentist to open their dream practice, it is essential to have a team of experts to guide them along the path. Cirrus and their team of dental office lease negotiators are the experts at ensuring our dentists obtain the most favourable lease terms for their practice, now and in the future.

Always Engage the Experts

Cirrus worked with us and a dental client on a new deal. It was through the diligence of Cirrus and their lease review process that the doctor walked away from a potential location with an uncompromising landlord. Ensuring lease terms are risk-free and favourable to our clients is the core of their business. As a result, the location shifted from one location to another, and Cirrus continued to fight for the doctor’s goals and vision. Soon, Cirrus worked their “lease review and negotiation magic”, and the doctor is now in a thriving practice, growing at a phenomenal rate, and completely content with the terms of her […]

Henry Schein Dental Spotlight | Jeff Rice, FSC

“Cirrus negotiated the dental office lease agreement on behalf of Dr. Young, and saved him over $40,000 on his 10-year lease agreement. I was then able to take that savings into a meeting with Dr. Young, and won all of his merchandise business. He’s on pace to spend over $200K on merchandise alone this year.”

Jeff Rice, FSC | Henry Schein Charlotte, NC

Truly Special and Dynamic

Jeff Rice here! I’ve been an FSC with Henry Schein Dental for 15 years now. Prior to Schein, I spent over a decade in the music/pharma printing and packaging industry, and worked for a large, multi-national firm. I share that background because it still provides me with valuable perspective on this profession, and our company, Henry Schein. From my experience both outside and inside of dentistry, we are all fortunate to be in a truly special and dynamic industry, and to be a TSM with the world’s #1 dental distribution company. I’m only more convinced of this as time goes on.

Our Consultative Approach is Key to Adding Value

We all face very real challenges every day in the field, many of which are simply an extension of the difficulties our dental customers face. As dentistry continues to evolve and change from clinical to the business side, dentists are faced with a unique combination of challenges and opportunities. Our charge at HSD is to help identify and define both of these for and with our customers, and to offer specific, applicable solutions. As our title “FSC” describes, we believe in being consultative with our customers. It’s what has fundamentally set us apart from our competitors, and Cirrus is a perfect example of our consultative approach and partnership. I found that out with […]

New De-Roster Codes

The MOHLTC has recently announced that they have rolled out three new billing codes that will enable physicians to de-roster patients without having to submit the “Primary Care – Request to Remove a Patient” forms.
What are the De-Roster Codes Implemented?

Q401A – De-Roster – Member Deceased.
Q402A – De-Roster – Ended by Provider.
Q403A – De-Roster – Patient Left Province.

How do we bill the new De-Roster Q Codes?

Ensure the Service Date inputted when billing matches the effective De-roster Date you wish to remove the patient to.

The usual six-month stale dating rule that applies to all claim submissions applies to the De-Roster Q codes.

The De-Roster Q codes may be submitted with a service date of up to six months prior to February 1st, 2017 (therefore August 1st, 2016).
Physicians who have submitted de-roster forms with an end date after August 1st, 2016 and within the 6-month stale-dating period may submit the De-Roster Q codes or wait for their forms to be processed.

Ensure the service date when billing the Q code matches the de-roster date noted on the paper copy of the de-roster form.
Per the MOHLTC, should the de-roster date be greater than 6 months from the date the claims are being billed for submission, then you must contact your Claims Services Branch office and request approval to submit a stale dated claims file for these claims. Approval must be received prior to submitting the stale dated claims file.

Physicians who have submitted de-roster forms with an end date prior to August 1st, 2016 must wait to have their form processed.

Please note that the MOHLTC will continue processing paper de-roster forms until April 1st, 2017 only.

Further information on the MOHLTC changes […]

Customer Case Study: Dr. Gordon S., DVM | Woodstock, GA

Dr. Gordon S. is a late-career veterinarian running a successful animal hospital in Woodstock, GA.

As a busy veterinarian, Dr. S. had not been keeping track of critical dates in his lease agreement such as the lease expiry date, which was vast approaching.

The doctor was invited to attend a CE webinar on the topic of “Negotiating or Renegotiating the Terms and Rent in the Veterinary Office Lease” hosted by Cirrus Consulting Group, the veterinary office lease negotiation experts. At the webinar, the doctor learned about the importance of beginning the lease renewal process 18-24 months in advance of the expiry date in order to bring the landlord to the table with enough leverage and time to secure the best deal. The doctor also learned about many of the inherent risks in lease agreements, and was shocked to learn that many of these pitfalls existed in his current lease.

With the negotiation clock ticking, the doctor retained Cirrus to review his current lease agreement, and negotiate the terms of his renewal.

The doctor communicated to Cirrus that as a late-career veterinarian, he was looking for lease terms that would appeal to future buyers, and enable him to transition profitably and smoothly without being indebted to the practice afterwards. In addition, the doctor believed that the new Property Management company that was hired to manage the shopping center was unfairly charging for rent and Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges, so this was something he would also want addressed in the negotiations.

Dr. S. was looking for his new lease to provide him with the following:

Cirrus conducted a thorough practice needs analysis and reviewed the lease for critical dates and problematic language. Together they created a lease negotiation strategy and were […]

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Customer Case Study: Dr. Emma M., DDS | Midlothian, VA

Dr. Emma M. is a general dentist in the later stages of her career practicing in Midlothian, VA. After being diagnosed with hand tremors, Dr. M. brought in dental associate Dr. Bill S., and has since begun treating patients for Sleep Apnea at the clinic.

Dr. M’s 28-year lease was rapidly approaching its renewal deadline. As a late career dentist, she was looking to renew her lease with terms that would support her eventual plans to transition out of dentistry. Naturally she considered Dr. S. as a potential buyer; however, she was unsure the timing was right as he was a fairly new associate.

Being cognizant of her eventual transition plans, she was looking to renew the lease agreement with terms that would spark the interest of potential buyers. She was looking for a shorter term, ideally 5 years, with options to renew to ensure the long-time viability for her successor.

After attending a dental office lease negotiation and commercial real estate seminar hosted by Cirrus Consulting Group, Dr. M. retained Cirrus for help with her upcoming lease renewal.

“I had no idea the ramifications that some of the clauses could have. I signed my old lease 28 years ago but was very young and not very bright when it came to lease agreements. Now that I am older and wiser, I felt it was necessary to hire Cirrus to re-write my lease and negotiate terms that I felt were fair and could live with.”

– Dr. Emma M., DDS, Midlothian, VA

She was looking for the following key wins in her renewed lease:

Cirrus Consulting Group guided Dr. M. through their strategic lease negotiation process and achieved the
following key wins:

Dr. M. now has peace-of-mind knowing her lease is set up for a […]

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Henry Schein Dental Spotlight | Jeff Trachtenberg, FSC

“My relationship with Dr. Phadnis could not be stronger now and she has thanked me too many times to count! Ask your doctors for a copy of their lease agreement, and have Cirrus make you ‘SCHEIN’.”

– Jeff Trachtenberg, FSC | Henry Schein Wallingford, CT

Continued Learning

I have worked in the dental field for nearly 25 years, 17 of which was for Henry Schein Dental (HSD). I started my career at HSD as a Regional Manager and managed the CT region for 11 years. I transitioned to a Field Sales Consultant (FSC) over 6 years ago. Being a Regional Manager prior to becoming an FSC gave me the opportunity to work closely with some of the top-producing FSCs. I took so much away from them, and really engrossed myself in what made them successful.

Cirrus was Instrumental in Securing a Healthy Lease Agreement

I have been promoting Cirrus Consulting Group for the past couple of years. Cirrus has performed dozens of dental office lease reviews over the phone for my clients, and most recently I brought 6 doctors to one of their local CE seminars about “How to Negotiate the Terms and Rent in the Dental Office Lease”. I successfully referred two dental offices to Cirrus last year, with more to follow.

One particular case is Dr. Ukti Phadnis who opened a dental practice from scratch. She was extremely overwhelmed with the process because the landlord of the chosen location had provided her with a lease agreement she felt was very unfair to her. Of the many pitfalls/risks in the lease, she was being overcharged for the common area maintenance (CAM) fees with no explanation to what she was really being charged for, and, she had no […]

Cirrus Special Premiums and Bonuses Update

A successful medical practice is built on a strong foundation and an understanding of the various revenue streams available to you.

Special Premiums & Bonuses are often overlooked when it comes to FHO revenue optimization. As part of the Cirrus mandate to ensure all potential revenue is captured for your practice by the end of the MOHLTC fiscal year, Cirrus will issue the Special Premiums and Bonuses Report prior to March 31st, 2017.

The report outlines your total premiums and bonuses attained year-to-date and compares your progress to your previous fiscal year performance to ensure you attain all bonus categories relevant to your medical practice.

Missed our latest informative webinar on capturing your Special Premiums? Access it at your convenience here.
If you have any questions about the above information, please fill in the form below and a Cirrus healthcare consultant will be in touch with you shortly.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Setting Up a Locum Physician and Billings

Are you considering hiring a Locum to cover your practice?
Hiring a Locum physician is recommended anytime a FHO physician will be away from their practice for a significant period of time and/or their FHO colleagues cannot provide sufficient coverage during their absence. When registered properly with the MOHLTC, the Locum Physician will be able to submit billings on FHO enrolled patients, without incurring Outside Use to the signatory physician and their FHO group.

Where do the payments from the Locum’s billings go to?
In a common scenario where the FHO is setup such that individual physician billings go to their solo accounts and group funds into the group account, the funds are distributed as follows:

If you or your colleagues have any questions with regards to hiring locums attached to your FHO practice, do not hesitate to contact one of our Cirrus Physician Support Specialists.
If you have any questions about the above information, please fill in the form below and a Cirrus healthcare consultant will be in touch with you shortly.

Customer Case Study: Dr. Paul W., DDS | Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Paul W., D.D.S. is a General Dentist who was looking to start a dental practice in Fort Worth, TX. He found himself extremely busy with the growing demands involved in setting up a new dental practice, with little time to worry about negotiating his own dental office lease.

The doctor was fully aware that the details in his office lease could make or break his practice, so he wanted to ensure it would be setup properly.

“I understood the importance of a proper retail lease, but on my own, I did not know how to structure
a lease that addressed my concerns.”

– Dr. Paul W., DDS | Fort Worth, TX

Dr. W. reached out to Cirrus Consulting Group to handle the lease negotiations with his landlord. He was looking for the following positive results from the negotiation:

Cirrus completed a thorough review and analysis of Dr. W.’s offer to lease, flagging it for hidden risks while working to understand the doctor’s individual career goals and practice needs. Together they created a plan to effectively negotiate the offer and the lease with the landlord, achieving the following key “wins”:

“My experience with Cirrus Consulting Group was great. They were very tactful, and very professional
with the property owner. They knew exactly how to achieve results, and we were able to negotiate all
important terms. At the end we achieved our goal. I highly recommend Cirrus Consulting Group.”

– Dr. Paul W., DDS | Fort Worth, TX
Questions about your dental office lease or upcoming negotiation?
Contact us for a complimentary lease chat below.

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Henry Schein Dental Spotlight | Derek Hein, BCS

“After going through a consultation and thorough lease review where Cirrus highlighted the pitfalls and problem areas, Dr. Svoma was blown away and knew that Cirrus would provide the solution to what he needed.”

– Derek Hein, BCS | Henry Schein Indianapolis, IN

Driven by a Passion to Help Our Customers

I joined Henry Schein 6 years ago as a Field Sales Consultant. Three years ago, I was hired by Eric Nuss to join the Business Solutions team as the first Business Consulting Specialist, and have since grown with the team to manage the Midwestern area. I am driven by the passion to help our dental customers, the challenge to get them to think proactively about the future, and the ability to provide them with resources that may help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Cirrus, our exclusive commercial real estate and office lease negotiation partner, has been an incredible and invaluable resource for anyone that has had the privilege of working with them.

Persistence and Attentiveness to My Customers

Dr. Gregg Svoma was one of the first customers that I was able to convert when I started as an FSC. Dr. Svoma hadn’t had a particularly strong relationship with any dental supply partner, but had been working with Patterson for 5 years prior to Henry Schein. Dr. Svoma admired my persistence to stop by once a week after he jokingly said that if I came around more often than his Patterson rep, he would be able to give me more orders.

Overcoming Challenges

As a result of my persistence, sincerity, and tenacity, I was able to successfully convert Dr. Svoma to a full Henry Schein customer. At the onset, however, Dr. Svoma perceived me as nothing more than a supply rep. After […]

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