White Paper: Veterinary Practice Expansion Guide to Growth

Is your production potential limited by the size of your current veterinary office?
It sounds like you may be ready to expand your clinic and grow your business.
Expanding a veterinary practice is an important decision that involves countless, time-sensitive moving parts. For over 20 years, Cirrus Consulting Group has been helping doctors safely and thoughtfully prepare for their office expansion projects. Use our guide to prepare for your new business venture, armed with the knowledge critical to take your business operations to the next level.
STEP 1: Define Objectives & Create the Plan
Is your potential for revenue capped by the size of your current facility? Strategically thinking about why you need to expand will help define your goals and execute a plan of action.

STEP 2: Analyze the Terms in Your Current Veterinary Office Lease
After outlining your goals, it’s time to analyze the details in your current clinic lease to ensure they will allow you to carry out your expansion plans without obstacles. Contact the veterinary office leasing experts at Cirrus Consulting Group to help you with this important step. A leasing expert will help you review and decipher the complex language within the lease to ensure you are fully protected when you approach your landlord with your plans.

Important Considerations in Your Current Lease:

Putting together a team of capable and trusted professionals is critical to a smooth and successful expansion project. Assemble a reliable team of financial advisors, office designers, builder/contractors and contact your equipment suppliers and technology specialists at Henry Schein Animal Health.
STEP 4: Review and Negotiate the Offer to Lease for the New Space
Once you’ve gotten the go-ahead on the additional space from your landlord, you’ll be presented with either a lease agreement, Offer to […]

Customer Case Study: Dr. Nora C., DDS | Charlotte, NC

Dr. Nora C. is a late-career prosthodontist who’s been practicing in the same dental office in Charlotte, NC for several years. With her dental office lease just 6 months from its expiry date, she was contemplating relocating the practice to a property that would be more suitable to support her plans for a gradual transition over the next 5-6 years.
The Problem
After a lengthy search, the doctor found the ideal location for her practice, and was presented with the landlord’s standard office lease agreement for the new space. The doctor’s primary concerns were to make certain that the relocation go smoothly, to mitigate any potential risks with the new lease, and to minimize any negative impact on her patients, all the while ensuring that both her investment and estate would be protected.

Dr. C’s Henry Schein consultant introduced her to Cirrus Consulting Group, the dental office lease negotiation experts, to review her existing lease for costly surrender provisions and critical dates that might impact her relocation, as well as the new lease proposed by the landlord. Cirrus began by assessing her personal and practice goals, and then developed a strategy to help guide her through a safe relocation.
The Challenge
Upon reviewing Dr. C’s proposed new lease agreement, Cirrus uncovered various issues that could be detrimental to her eventual transition out of dentistry, including an “Assignment” clause that would leave her personally responsible for the practice’s debt after transitioning, and the landlord’s right to collect a significant portion of her practice sale proceeds.

Dr. C. was looking for her new lease agreement to provide her with the following:

The Solution
Cirrus collaborated with Dr. C. to clarify her transition goals, and then guided her through their eight-step strategic lease negotiation process, achieving […]

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Henry Schein Associate Spotlight – Joe Middleton, FSC

“Since recommending Cirrus for the lease negotiation for their new location, the relationship with my doctors has reached a new level of trust. Since then, they have ordered over $160K in equipment and technology for their new location!”

Joe Middleton, FSC | Frederick, MD

Meeting the Needs of My Dental Clients

I worked as a Trainer/Dental Sales Representative for the last 20+ years with Warner Lambert, Pfizer Consumer Health, Johnson & Johnson and Ora Pharma. These were all great experiences, but I felt the need to further my growth and work with a company that offered ALL of the tools a dentist needs to be successful.

Fortunately for me, I was offered an FSC position with Henry Schein Dental about 8 years ago, and it was just what I was looking for! Walking into dental practices armed with the HS Connections Wheel and knowing that whatever the specific needs of each dental practice were, that I could help them meet their needs, was, and continues to be, an amazing feeling! One of the pieces of our Wheel that I had some great success with lately was our “Business Solutions” component, specifically, working with our outstanding partners at Cirrus Consulting Group, the dental office lease negotiation experts.

One Wrong Word in the Dental Office Lease Can Make or Break a Practice Sale

Recently, one of my best customers, Virginia Dental Solutions in Reston VA, was being forced by their landlord company to move from their current location of 25+ years to a new location by the end of 2017. The doctors there are excellent dentists, but have very little experience with office leases. Initially, they were just going to have a lawyer “look over” their new lease and make sure everything […]

Customer Case Study: Dr. Raymond N., DVM | Jacksonville, FL

Husband and wife team Dr. Raymond N., DVM, and Mrs. N. were opening their first animal hospital in Jacksonville, FL. With the help of a real estate broker, they had selected two potential sites for their new hospital.
The Problem
A veterinary tenant and their space requirements are quite different than that of a typical retail or office tenant, requiring terms specific to an animal hospital’s needs.

The real estate broker, although helpful in space-finding and incredibly knowledgeable about the commercial real estate market, did not specialize in representing veterinary tenants in lease negotiations. As a result, negotiations with the landlords did not go as planned, and the couple walked away from the prospective locations feeling discouraged, frustrated, and continued on their search.
The Challenge
The couple’s Henry Schein Animal Health (HSAH) supply partner, Joelle Craig, understood the stressful, lengthy, and expensive process of opening a new clinic. She referred them to HSAH’s exclusive real estate and lease negotiation partners at Cirrus Consulting Group to aid in selecting the space and negotiating a healthy lease.

Cirrus worked collaboratively with the broker to find a suitable location that fit the couple’s space requirements, and then focused on reviewing and negotiating the details of the lease agreement.

Dr. N. and Mrs. N. were looking for the new lease to provide them with the following:

The Solution
By incorporating their strategic and proven office lease negotiation process consisting of market research, a practice needs analysis, and a thorough lease review, Cirrus was able to achieve the following key “wins” for the couple in their negotiations:

“Within two months, Cirrus was able to secure the new lease on our hospital with excellent amendments that will ensure my practice runs smoothly and that I will be able to transition […]

Buying a Family Practice in Ontario

Important Questions and Issues to Consider:

Benefits to Purchasing a FHO Practice:

It is the ideal time to purchase an established FHO practice; however, it’s important to consider the substantial time, commitment and costs involved. Although there is an initial upfront cost, the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term investment, such as:

While the FHO model is the most popular payment model within family medicine, it can also be the most complicated. It is critical to your practice’s success, if you decide to use the FHO payment model, to ensure you are familiar with the “ins and outs” of practicing and optimizing a FHO practice from day one. Contact Cirrus to learn more about running a FHO practice.
Considerations in the Medical Office Lease:

As a physician looking to acquire a medical practice, it is also important to take proactive measures to ensure you are protected from potentially dangerous language in the medical office lease. Be sure to dig deep, and ask the selling physician about their lease obligations. One key question to ask is whether the office lease will be assigned to you, or, will you have to sign a new lease?

Evaluate important lease terms such as economics, critical dates, and any details and risks hidden throughout. Some significant lease terms include:

It is recommended to have the lease professionally reviewed before moving forward with your new practice venture. This will help ensure you are protected, while also providing the flexibility to continue to run and grow your clinic. The best way to do this is by seeking help from a healthcare leasing expert such as Cirrus Consulting Group for a professional, and thorough review of the details of your office lease.
Click here to download the white paper.
Allow Cirrus […]

Selling a Family Practice in Ontario

When contemplating selling a FHO practice, there are many things to take into consideration. Here are some of the key questions and issues you’ll want to consider:

What is Your Practice Worth?

Attaching a value to your practice can sometimes be a difficult task as you may disagree with the market and its estimated worth. Ultimately, its worth depends on how much a buyer is willing to pay, the income generated by your practice month-to-month, and additional offerings that speak to the buyer in question.

Considerations in Your Medical Office Lease

There is so much at stake in the process of selling a family practice; therefore it is imperative that you consider the current obligations of your office lease, specifically the assignment provisions within it. Prior to completing the sale, it’s important to have your lease properly reviewed to ensure that there are no hidden risks, and that the ‘assignment of the lease’ occurs properly, protecting the interests of both parties along the way.

Communication with Your Colleagues

It is important to communicate with your colleagues to ensure that they are aware of the upcoming changes. This is important so you may gain their support along the way with regards to group obligations. When it comes to the MOHLTC, transitioning a healthcare practice has many steps involved. Make this process easier on yourself and look to the professionals for help.
Click here to download the white paper.
Allow Cirrus Consulting Group to help facilitate the sale and optimization of your practice.
Contact us for a complimentary consultation, or call 1.800.459.3413.

Preventive Care Bonus Submissions

Physicians may now submit their Preventive Care Bonus targets attained for the 2016-2017 MOHLTC fiscal year. Submissions are open from April 1st to the September 2017 claims submission cut-off date.
How do I calculate my Preventive Care Bonus threshold?
The goal is to calculate how many of your enrolled patients have received their Preventive Care services within the relevant screening intervals. i.e. * 100%

You must then bill the appropriate billing code that corresponds to the percentage threshold reached in your Preventive Care efforts.
Cirrus Tips to Preventive Care Billing:

Make sure to bill your relevant Preventive Care Bonus code(s) and backdate it to March 31, 2017 to reflect your performance in the 2016-2017 fiscal year.
The MOHLTC Preventive Care Target Population/Service Report (Previous & Projected) was issued in late April 2017. This report can be used to assist you in calculating your target thresholds attained.
Another tool in managing and tracking your Preventive Care in the Colorectal, Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening categories is to sign up for the Screening Activity Report (SAR) by clicking here.

In order to ensure that you have been paid your bonus for the previous fiscal year, you may review your monthly Remittance Advice under the “Preventive Care Bonus Accumulations and Payment” section in the months following submission.

For further assistance or clarification on accurately billing for your Preventive Care Bonus, please do not hesitate to contact your Cirrus Consultant at any time.

Henry Schein Associate Spotlight – Jimmie Hammon, ESS

“Cirrus represented the best interests of the doctor throughout the lease negotiation to ensure that her success was our number one goal.”

Jimmie Hammon, ESS | Henry Schein Boston, MA

Helping Doctors Realize Their Dream Dental Practice

My 14 years of experience as an architect, 6 years as a general contractor/developer building dental offices, and 15 years as a dental equipment consultant have given me a tremendous amount of knowledge in helping doctors realize their dream dental practice. From small remodels to new clinics and professional buildings, the Henry Schein “team approach” to solving dental practice design projects brings together our Henry Schein Dental National Design Department, Business Solutions Consultants, Technical Service Representatives, and contractors in order to achieve perfect results.  We are all on their team as partners of their practice.

Cirrus Has the Best Interest for Your Doctors

The teamwork of Dr. Seliger-Schamberg, Cirrus and myself allowed us to evaluate (3) different potential locations for the location of her practice, Zubi Dental. The open communication allowed us to navigate the various dental office lease proposals and the language within it. With Cirrus’ help, we were able to secure the best location, and negotiate the dental office lease with terms that best fit the needs of Dr. Seliger-Schamberg’s business plan, and long term career goals. Cirrus represented the best interests of the doctor throughout the dental office lease negotiation to ensure that her success was our number one goal, and that the lease terms suited the doctor’s needs for the foundation of the business plan.

– Jimmie Hammon, ESS | Henry Schein Boston, MA

Customer Case Study: Dr. Daniel R., DDS | Ortonville, MI

Dr. Daniel R. is a General Dentist running a successful practice out of Ortonville, MI.

As building-owners of 35 years, Dr. R. and his wife were growing weary of the constant demands involved in maintaining a property and being landlords. They also strived to grow the practice and expand, but were limited by the size and number of treatment rooms available in their 2,400 sq. ft. unit. After much deliberation, Dr. R. and his wife made the difficult decision to sell the building and relocate their practice.

The doctor had narrowed down the search to 3 locations in Clarkson, MI. Unsure of how to negotiate the details of their tenancy with the landlord, Dr. R. and his wife attended a seminar in Troy, MI presented by Cirrus Consulting Group on the topic of “Dental Office Lease Negotiations”. The seminar discussed the top $100,000 traps buried in a lease, and the harsh negative impact they can have on a practice’s future.

With this newfound knowledge, the doctor decided against using the services of his long-time corporate attorney for the negotiation, and instead sought out the expertise of Cirrus and their dental office lease negotiators. Dr. R. and his wife chose a location for their practice and were soon presented with the dental office lease for the space by the new landlord. Dr. R. was looking for the new lease to provide him with the following:

Cirrus conducted a thorough review and analysis of the lease, highlighting critical dates, risks and pitfalls. They uncovered a lack of death and disability protection in the lease, a significant issue for Dr. R. as a late-career dentist. The lease also permitted the landlord to move competing dentists into the building, and collect proceeds […]

Henry Schein Canada Spotlight | Jonathan Hollink, ESS

“Always engage the experts. We build practices. Cirrus ensures those practices have a strong lease agreement with fair and affordable terms.”

Jonathan Hollink, ESS | Henry Schein Ottawa, ON

The Greatest Organization in Dental

I have been in dental for 10 years, the last two with Henry Schein Canada as an Equipment Sales Specialist (ESS). I am proud to work with the best dental professionals in the business, for the greatest organization in dental. The ability to bring value to our clients is what sets us apart from everyone else. Partners like Cirrus Consulting Group illustrate our value, and add commitment to our clients as our combined services allow our doctors to focus on dentistry while we focus on their best interests in the background.

When working with a dentist to open their dream practice, it is essential to have a team of experts to guide them along the path. Cirrus and their team of dental office lease negotiators are the experts at ensuring our dentists obtain the most favourable lease terms for their practice, now and in the future.

Always Engage the Experts

Cirrus worked with us and a dental client on a new deal. It was through the diligence of Cirrus and their lease review process that the doctor walked away from a potential location with an uncompromising landlord. Ensuring lease terms are risk-free and favourable to our clients is the core of their business. As a result, the location shifted from one location to another, and Cirrus continued to fight for the doctor’s goals and vision. Soon, Cirrus worked their “lease review and negotiation magic”, and the doctor is now in a thriving practice, growing at a phenomenal rate, and completely content with the terms of her […]