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Customer Case Study: Dr. Gordon S., DVM | Woodstock, GA

Dr. Gordon S. is a late-career veterinarian running a successful animal hospital in Woodstock, GA.

As a busy veterinarian, Dr. S. had not been keeping track of critical dates in his lease agreement such as the lease expiry date, which was vast approaching.

The doctor was invited to attend a CE webinar on the topic of “Negotiating or Renegotiating the Terms and Rent in the Veterinary Office Lease” hosted by Cirrus Consulting Group, the veterinary office lease negotiation experts. At the webinar, the doctor learned about the importance of beginning the lease renewal process 18-24 months in advance of the expiry date in order to bring the landlord to the table with enough leverage and time to secure the best deal. The doctor also learned about many of the inherent risks in lease agreements, and was shocked to learn that many of these pitfalls existed in his current lease.

With the negotiation clock ticking, the doctor retained Cirrus to review his current lease agreement, and negotiate the terms of his renewal.

The doctor communicated to Cirrus that as a late-career veterinarian, he was looking for lease terms that would appeal to future buyers, and enable him to transition profitably and smoothly without being indebted to the practice afterwards. In addition, the doctor believed that the new Property Management company that was hired to manage the shopping center was unfairly charging for rent and Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges, so this was something he would also want addressed in the negotiations.

Dr. S. was looking for his new lease to provide him with the following:

Cirrus conducted a thorough practice needs analysis and reviewed the lease for critical dates and problematic language. Together they created a lease negotiation strategy and were […]

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Customer Case Study: Dr. Emma M., DDS | Midlothian, VA

Dr. Emma M. is a general dentist in the later stages of her career practicing in Midlothian, VA. After being diagnosed with hand tremors, Dr. M. brought in dental associate Dr. Bill S., and has since begun treating patients for Sleep Apnea at the clinic.

Dr. M’s 28-year lease was rapidly approaching its renewal deadline. As a late career dentist, she was looking to renew her lease with terms that would support her eventual plans to transition out of dentistry. Naturally she considered Dr. S. as a potential buyer; however, she was unsure the timing was right as he was a fairly new associate.

Being cognizant of her eventual transition plans, she was looking to renew the lease agreement with terms that would spark the interest of potential buyers. She was looking for a shorter term, ideally 5 years, with options to renew to ensure the long-time viability for her successor.

After attending a dental office lease negotiation and commercial real estate seminar hosted by Cirrus Consulting Group, Dr. M. retained Cirrus for help with her upcoming lease renewal.

“I had no idea the ramifications that some of the clauses could have. I signed my old lease 28 years ago but was very young and not very bright when it came to lease agreements. Now that I am older and wiser, I felt it was necessary to hire Cirrus to re-write my lease and negotiate terms that I felt were fair and could live with.”

– Dr. Emma M., DDS, Midlothian, VA

She was looking for the following key wins in her renewed lease:

Cirrus Consulting Group guided Dr. M. through their strategic lease negotiation process and achieved the
following key wins:

Dr. M. now has peace-of-mind knowing her lease is set up for a […]

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Lease Negotiation Case Study: Dental Office Expansion | Dr. Bradley G.

Dr. Bradley G. had been running a successful dental practice in Edmonton Alberta when he decided it was time to expand. The doctor was pleased when his landlord indicated a willingness to offer him additional space. 

Dr. G. was concerned with getting a fair deal, with respect to the new dental office lease agreement. Securing a good lease was a critical component in his overall decision to proceed with the expansion plan. Would there be a fixturing period?  Would his practice face any down time; if so, how long would his doors be closed? Would the terms in the lease agreement for the additional space be fair, affordable and flexible?

The doctor soon realized he wasn’t comfortable making such a significant decision without some form of professional advice. Following the recommendation of his dental supply partner, he contacted the dental office lease negotiation specialists at Cirrus Consulting Group for a complimentary consultation.

Cirrus met with the doctor to evaluate his lease, current situation and long-term career objectives. After weighing his options, the doctor decided to move forward with the practice expansion, armed with Cirrus Consulting Group to negotiate the terms in the offer to lease, and subsequent lease agreement. They were looking for the following positive results from the negotiation:

Dr. G. and Cirrus worked together to create a strategic and tactical plan to effectively negotiate the expansion and new lease terms, achieving the following substantial “wins”:

“Their advice and expertise allowed us to negotiate a fair agreement with our landlord. In addition, their services saved us countless hours in negotiations. The terms of the lease are much more favorable than our previous one. Our experience with Cirrus was so positive I would have no problem recommending them to […]

Case Study: Dental Office Relocation | Dr. Chan

Dr. Chan, DDS is a General Dentist practicing in a beautiful dental office in San Diego, California. In April 2011, his then 20 year dental office lease was
approaching its expiry, with one remaining 5 year option to renew. 

Dr. Chan had for years felt that the details in his office lease were unfair and written in a way that only benefited his landlord. The doctor felt trapped and without options, and so was ready to sign on for another 5 year extension, complying with the landlord’s terms.

“I had been enslaved to my landlord, pretty much having to yield to all his provisions, with little benefit to me. I had paid virtually millions of dollars in rental payments over the decades, without getting much in return.” – Dr. Chan, DDS

On the recommendation of a dental colleague, Dr. Chan reached out to the dental office lease negotiation experts at Cirrus Consulting Group to review his lease and current situation.  Cirrus completed a thorough review and analysis of Dr. Chan’s then current lease agreement, flagging it for problem areas, risks and pitfalls, while working to understand the doctor’s career goals and practice needs.  He was looking for the following positive results from his dental lease negotiation:

After a detailed review, it was determined that neither the lease nor the landlord could provide what was necessary for the secure, long-term business structure that Dr. Chan was looking for.

Cirrus advised that it was in the doctor’s best interest to find another dental practice and relocate. After an extensive search, a new practice location was found.  Armed with Cirrus to negotiate his new dental office lease, they created a strategic and tactical plan to effectively negotiate the offer to lease (and subsequent lease […]

Case Study: Buying a Dental Practice | Dr. Arvin Mehta

Dr. Arvin Mehta of Vacaville, California was ready to jump into the new role as an owner dentist by purchasing his first dental practice. He was determined to personally take care of every step involved in setting up his practice, including securing the offer to lease and dental lease agreement. 
“I had originally been hesitant to sign up with Cirrus thinking I could do everything myself.” – Dr. Arvin Mehta

After being presented with the office lease agreement and reviewing it, the doctor soon realized that he did not have the time or expertise necessary to work through the tedious details within it, and bear the lease negotiation process alone. There was worry he could potentially be inheriting a bad lease with hidden language and clauses that could cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in problems, jeopardizing his long-term investment; this was not a risk he was willing to take.

Dental offices are expensive, difficult-to-relocate businesses, therefore it’s the dental office lease that acts as tool to protect a doctor and their practice. Dr. Mehta was looking for the following achievements in his dental office lease negotiation:

Dr. Mehta sought out the expertise of the dental office lease negotiators at Cirrus Consulting Group to have his lease professionally analyzed and negotiated before the practice purchase. Cirrus took the doctor through their strategic seven-step lease negotiation process, first by assessing and understanding his practice needs and career goals, and then by reviewing the offer to lease, and subsequent lease agreement.

Cirrus worked with the doctor to create a solid lease negotiation strategy, resulting in the following key “wins”:

“Cirrus has modified, tweaked, and finalized a great new lease for me as I jump into the new role as an owner dentist. […]

Case Study: Dental Office Lease Renewal | Dr. Kristen Donohue, DMD

Dr. Kristen Donohue is a successful General Dentist running a practice out of Burke, Virginia. She had been practicing for many years and was approaching the renewal date of her dental office lease when she was invited to attend a dental lease negotiation seminar in Virginia hosted by Cirrus Consulting Group.

It was at the seminar that Dr. Donohue learned how landlords use their standard office lease agreements as a tool to make maximize rent from their tenants. She came to understand that her lease contained numerous clauses that would make it difficult to sell her dental practice, provide the landlord with personal guarantees after assignment, or force her to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore her office back to its original shell upon expiration of the lease agreement. The doctor sought out the expertise of Cirrus Consulting Group, the dental office lease negotiation experts, looking for the following key “wins” in her renewal negotiation:

Cirrus met with the doctor and together they developed a lease negotiation strategy based on her career goals and practice needs. They achieved the following positive results from the negotiation:

“I cannot say enough how pleased I am with the result of Cirrus’ hard work, and how smoothly everything went. Their careful research of the market value of leased properties in my immediate area allowed them to negotiate nearly a 25% drop in my monthly rent. The cost of their service will be recouped in just the first 3 months of my new lease agreement! I would whole-heartedly recommend Cirrus Consulting Group.”

–          Dr. Kristen Donohue, DMS
For 20 years, the Cirrus Team of expert dental office lease negotiators have been committed to getting doctors fair and affordable financial terms in their leases. […]