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Henry Schein Canada Spotlight | Jonathan Hollink, ESS

“Always engage the experts. We build practices. Cirrus ensures those practices have a strong lease agreement with fair and affordable terms.”

Jonathan Hollink, ESS | Henry Schein Ottawa, ON

The Greatest Organization in Dental

I have been in dental for 10 years, the last two with Henry Schein Canada as an Equipment Sales Specialist (ESS). I am proud to work with the best dental professionals in the business, for the greatest organization in dental. The ability to bring value to our clients is what sets us apart from everyone else. Partners like Cirrus Consulting Group illustrate our value, and add commitment to our clients as our combined services allow our doctors to focus on dentistry while we focus on their best interests in the background.

When working with a dentist to open their dream practice, it is essential to have a team of experts to guide them along the path. Cirrus and their team of dental office lease negotiators are the experts at ensuring our dentists obtain the most favourable lease terms for their practice, now and in the future.

Always Engage the Experts

Cirrus worked with us and a dental client on a new deal. It was through the diligence of Cirrus and their lease review process that the doctor walked away from a potential location with an uncompromising landlord. Ensuring lease terms are risk-free and favourable to our clients is the core of their business. As a result, the location shifted from one location to another, and Cirrus continued to fight for the doctor’s goals and vision. Soon, Cirrus worked their “lease review and negotiation magic”, and the doctor is now in a thriving practice, growing at a phenomenal rate, and completely content with the terms of her […]

Henry Schein Dental Spotlight | Jeff Rice, FSC

“Cirrus negotiated the dental office lease agreement on behalf of Dr. Young, and saved him over $40,000 on his 10-year lease agreement. I was then able to take that savings into a meeting with Dr. Young, and won all of his merchandise business. He’s on pace to spend over $200K on merchandise alone this year.”

Jeff Rice, FSC | Henry Schein Charlotte, NC

Truly Special and Dynamic

Jeff Rice here! I’ve been an FSC with Henry Schein Dental for 15 years now. Prior to Schein, I spent over a decade in the music/pharma printing and packaging industry, and worked for a large, multi-national firm. I share that background because it still provides me with valuable perspective on this profession, and our company, Henry Schein. From my experience both outside and inside of dentistry, we are all fortunate to be in a truly special and dynamic industry, and to be a TSM with the world’s #1 dental distribution company. I’m only more convinced of this as time goes on.

Our Consultative Approach is Key to Adding Value

We all face very real challenges every day in the field, many of which are simply an extension of the difficulties our dental customers face. As dentistry continues to evolve and change from clinical to the business side, dentists are faced with a unique combination of challenges and opportunities. Our charge at HSD is to help identify and define both of these for and with our customers, and to offer specific, applicable solutions. As our title “FSC” describes, we believe in being consultative with our customers. It’s what has fundamentally set us apart from our competitors, and Cirrus is a perfect example of our consultative approach and partnership. I found that out with […]

Henry Schein Dental Spotlight | Jeff Trachtenberg, FSC

“My relationship with Dr. Phadnis could not be stronger now and she has thanked me too many times to count! Ask your doctors for a copy of their lease agreement, and have Cirrus make you ‘SCHEIN’.”

– Jeff Trachtenberg, FSC | Henry Schein Wallingford, CT

Continued Learning

I have worked in the dental field for nearly 25 years, 17 of which was for Henry Schein Dental (HSD). I started my career at HSD as a Regional Manager and managed the CT region for 11 years. I transitioned to a Field Sales Consultant (FSC) over 6 years ago. Being a Regional Manager prior to becoming an FSC gave me the opportunity to work closely with some of the top-producing FSCs. I took so much away from them, and really engrossed myself in what made them successful.

Cirrus was Instrumental in Securing a Healthy Lease Agreement

I have been promoting Cirrus Consulting Group for the past couple of years. Cirrus has performed dozens of dental office lease reviews over the phone for my clients, and most recently I brought 6 doctors to one of their local CE seminars about “How to Negotiate the Terms and Rent in the Dental Office Lease”. I successfully referred two dental offices to Cirrus last year, with more to follow.

One particular case is Dr. Ukti Phadnis who opened a dental practice from scratch. She was extremely overwhelmed with the process because the landlord of the chosen location had provided her with a lease agreement she felt was very unfair to her. Of the many pitfalls/risks in the lease, she was being overcharged for the common area maintenance (CAM) fees with no explanation to what she was really being charged for, and, she had no […]

Henry Schein Dental Spotlight | Derek Hein, BCS

“After going through a consultation and thorough lease review where Cirrus highlighted the pitfalls and problem areas, Dr. Svoma was blown away and knew that Cirrus would provide the solution to what he needed.”

– Derek Hein, BCS | Henry Schein Indianapolis, IN

Driven by a Passion to Help Our Customers

I joined Henry Schein 6 years ago as a Field Sales Consultant. Three years ago, I was hired by Eric Nuss to join the Business Solutions team as the first Business Consulting Specialist, and have since grown with the team to manage the Midwestern area. I am driven by the passion to help our dental customers, the challenge to get them to think proactively about the future, and the ability to provide them with resources that may help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Cirrus, our exclusive commercial real estate and office lease negotiation partner, has been an incredible and invaluable resource for anyone that has had the privilege of working with them.

Persistence and Attentiveness to My Customers

Dr. Gregg Svoma was one of the first customers that I was able to convert when I started as an FSC. Dr. Svoma hadn’t had a particularly strong relationship with any dental supply partner, but had been working with Patterson for 5 years prior to Henry Schein. Dr. Svoma admired my persistence to stop by once a week after he jokingly said that if I came around more often than his Patterson rep, he would be able to give me more orders.

Overcoming Challenges

As a result of my persistence, sincerity, and tenacity, I was able to successfully convert Dr. Svoma to a full Henry Schein customer. At the onset, however, Dr. Svoma perceived me as nothing more than a supply rep. After […]

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Henry Schein Animal Health Associate Spotlight | Joelle Craig, TM

“Cirrus has truly aided in helping avoid costly mistakes that can prevent doctors from achieving their long term goals.”

 – Joelle Craig, TM | St. Augustine, FL

I have worked with Henry Schein Animal Health for almost 2 years now, covering the Northeast territory of Florida. I truly love what I do and I’m just where I want to be. I think I’ve found the career path that will take me far.
Adding Value as a True Business Partner
I love the consulting aspect of my job as I get to work closely with my customers and help them succeed. At the end of the day, I feel like I’ve helped my customers with not only their equipment needs, but in every aspect of their veterinary business, full circle. Cirrus Consulting Group, and their office lease negotiation and real estate consulting services are a huge factor in supporting my customers’ success. With them on board, I am able to provide added value, and am perceived as a true business partner and not just a sales rep.
Veterinary Tenants are Unique Tenants
Since Cirrus became an exclusive partner with HSAH, I have referred three veterinary clients to them for help with their upcoming lease negotiation, urging them to take advantage of the complimentary lease review Cirrus offers to HSAH customers.

All three accounts were startups, and all three were overwhelmed with the process of opening a clinic, choosing a location, negotiating the lease, etc., with little knowledge about the negative impact a bad lease agreement can have on the success and longevity of a veterinary hospital.
Uncovering Risks in the Lease
I feel it’s important that my clients trust me and tell me everything, so it’s crucial for me to be totally transparent and help them as […]

Henry Schein Associate Spotlight | Elizabeth Macready, BCS

“Cirrus not only helps doctors understand areas of risk within their lease and work to correct those areas, but they have also helped countless FSCs and ESS team members secure additional business and create value to a partnership with Henry Schein.”

– Elizabeth Macready, BCS | Philadelphia, PA
Focusing on Bettering the Dental Community
I have worked at Henry Schein for close to 4 years, with over 8 years of experience in the dental industry. Henry Schein’s philosophy of bettering the dental community from the inside out was what initially attracted me to the company. Now, as a Business Consulting Specialist, I am able to continue fueling my passion of assisting dental business owners and team members in creating more profitable, efficient and overall better working environments. As a result, we see better quality outcomes for every doctor.
The Cornerstone of a Successful Practice
I speak with doctors daily about their businesses, and a secure office lease acts as the cornerstone to many crucial aspects of operating a successful practice. Cirrus not only helps doctors understand areas of risk within their lease and works to correct those areas, but they have also helped countless FSC’s and ESS team members secure additional business and add value to the partnership with Henry Schein. Cirrus is a home run each and every time you introduce them to a dental customer.
A Full Service Partner
After having dozens of doctors and owners take advantage of a Dental Office Lease Review call during the crucial period (18-24 months prior to expiry), I have not only had overwhelmingly positive and appreciative feedback from doctors, but Cirrus has truly aided in helping avoid costly mistakes that could prevent them from achieving their long term goals. Doctors come out with a newfound appreciation […]

Henry Schein Associate Spotlight | Kate Shanahan, FSC

“Cirrus has earned my trust and have helped me position myself as a trusted business partner to my customers.”

– Kate Shanahan, FSC | Raleigh, NC

I Succeed When My Customers Do

I have worked with Henry Schein Dental for 8 years now and I love my job, but what I love most about my career is the people. The relationships that I have built over the last several years have brought a great deal of happiness to my life. When you work with people you love and your job revolves around making your customers successful, it is very rewarding. I succeed when they succeed.

Shifting the Focus to Dental Business Solutions

During our Business Solutions week, a Healthcare Leasing Consultant at Cirrus met with husband and wife Dr. Vidyarthi & Vivekananthan to discuss dental office leasing and real estate matters, as well as the broader aspects of their business. I have been working with them for about two years, and my relationship is much stronger with the wife. So much so, that when the husband joined us for the meeting he said, “When I saw Kate on the schedule, I thought she was here to discuss supplies.” Ouch! That moment really made me realize how much we have to pro-actively continue to shift the focus, and raise awareness about all the business solutions services we offer to provide added value to our dental customers.

Maximizing Practice Value

After taking advantage of a complimentary dental office lease review offer, it was understood that in order to successfully sell their practice at maximum value, they would need to address critical matters in their lease agreement. The doctors plan to purchase a building in the next 12-18 months, and assigning their current lease agreement […]

Henry Schein Associate Spotlight | Donna Nelson, FSC

“Cirrus hit a homerun for us with all the bases loaded in the 9th inning and brought home a win for our customer.”

– Donna Nelson, FSC | Albuquerque, NM

True Business Partners

I have been a Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant for 12 years. We are not mere sales representatives, but rather, we are business partners. Over the years, Henry Schein has taught us the business of dentistry through career development and has positioned us well with Business Solutions Partners that we network with such as Cirrus Consulting Group, the dental office lease negotiation experts. What is most rewarding about this career is guiding and leading our customers to help make their dental businesses a success.

Offering Added Value Beyond Merchandise

I would love to share the success story of Dr. Rachel Park and Mr. Douglas Lee. Had it not been for Cirrus, we would have never gotten this doctor’s attention away from Patterson. Cirrus changed it all and was the catalyst that tipped the scale in our favor. Yesterday, we got a signed equipment order for $175,000, and many more orders to come.

We referred Mr. Douglas Lee and Dr. Rachel Park to Cirrus at the very beginning of our talks a couple of months ago. After 8 months of working with Patterson on their new office project, they thought they should give Henry Schein a last minute chance to just see if “the grass was greener on the other side.” JP, our ESS, and I, met with them and just listened to them at our first Discovery Meeting. We could see right out of the starting gate that what they needed help with had nothing to do with equipment or merchandise. We told them then that talking about […]

Henry Schein Dental Spotlight | Eric Cain, FSC, Atlanta, GA

“The doctors that I have met, the partners I have worked with, and the relationships I have made will stay with me forever, and I am very proud to say that I work for Henry Schein Dental.”

– Eric Cain, FSC | Atlanta, GA
Taking Pride in My Work
I have worked for Henry Schein for roughly 3.5 years now as a Field Sales Consultant. As with any sales position, it can be difficult at times but I take pride in what I do for my doctors, and I love the job that I have. Henry Schein has taught me about so many ways that we impact the lives of our customers; both in and out of their practice. The tools that we have at our disposal, including our impressive and accomplished roster of business solutions partners, enables us to provide unparalleled, added value to our customers. The doctors that I have met, the partners I have worked with, and the relationships I have made will stay with me forever, and I am very proud to say that I work for Henry Schein Dental.
Business Partners that Support One Another
I met Dr. Carlos Garza when I first started as an FSC for Henry Schein. He was unhappy with his previous dental equipment supplier, and gave me the opportunity to come in and partner with him. Over the years, Dr. Garza and I have developed a great relationship to the point where he trusts my advice and will consider any opportunities I bring into the office. One day, we were discussing his goal to expand/relocate his dental practice due to an increase in production, and I simply asked who he was using to negotiate his dental office lease. Immediately, […]

Henry Schein Dental Spotlight | Stacy Christ, FSC, Minneapolis, MN

“Cirrus has from the beginning of my career with Henry Schein, played an integral role with helping me earn the trust of dentists, and aid in establishing a loyal and ongoing business partnership.”

– Stacy Christ, FSC | Minneapolis, MN
Creating Positive Impact
I was presented with the opportunity to join Henry Schein in 2014. I’m now approaching 2.5 years with this amazing family and I haven’t looked back. I am proud to work for Henry Schein Dental as our culture and mission statement is that “we believe in impacting the lives of those we touch by focusing on practice care, so you (the dentist) can focus on patient care.” Henry Schein has provided me with the training, tools and resources to help my customers navigate and succeed in an ever changing industry. I’m able to identify areas of concern or frustration and truly be a complete solutions provider to help my customers with varying topics of concern that matter the most to them.
Providing Value Above and Beyond Expectations
There are many business solutions partners that I work with on behalf of Henry Schein Dental as they all have their specialties; but Cirrus Consulting Group, the dental office lease negotiation and commercial real estate experts, has from the beginning of my career with Henry Schein played an integral role in helping me earn the trust of dentists, and aid in establishing a loyal and ongoing partnership. My partnership with Cirrus provides value above and beyond what dentists expect. This is key because providing a business solutions resource such as Cirrus quickly lays out the foundation for a true business partnership between myself and the doctors I work with.
Dreams Do Come True
I met Dr. Jill Ash in October of 2014 […]