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Customer Case Study: Dr. Daniel R., DDS | Ortonville, MI

Dr. Daniel R. is a General Dentist running a successful practice out of Ortonville, MI.

As building-owners of 35 years, Dr. R. and his wife were growing weary of the constant demands involved in maintaining a property and being landlords. They also strived to grow the practice and expand, but were limited by the size and number of treatment rooms available in their 2,400 sq. ft. unit. After much deliberation, Dr. R. and his wife made the difficult decision to sell the building and relocate their practice.

The doctor had narrowed down the search to 3 locations in Clarkson, MI. Unsure of how to negotiate the details of their tenancy with the landlord, Dr. R. and his wife attended a seminar in Troy, MI presented by Cirrus Consulting Group on the topic of “Dental Office Lease Negotiations”. The seminar discussed the top $100,000 traps buried in a lease, and the harsh negative impact they can have on a practice’s future.

With this newfound knowledge, the doctor decided against using the services of his long-time corporate attorney for the negotiation, and instead sought out the expertise of Cirrus and their dental office lease negotiators. Dr. R. and his wife chose a location for their practice and were soon presented with the dental office lease for the space by the new landlord. Dr. R. was looking for the new lease to provide him with the following:

Cirrus conducted a thorough review and analysis of the lease, highlighting critical dates, risks and pitfalls. They uncovered a lack of death and disability protection in the lease, a significant issue for Dr. R. as a late-career dentist. The lease also permitted the landlord to move competing dentists into the building, and collect proceeds […]

Lease Review for Henry Schein Customers

The following questions are required by our leasing experts in order to prepare for your complimentary lease review. A Cirrus Consultant will be in touch within two business days to schedule your review.


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Preventive Care Bonus Submission Deadline

Ensure you submit your Preventive Care Bonuses by September 18, 2015.
In order to ensure that you have been paid your bonus for the previous fiscal year, you may review your monthly Remittance Advice under the ‘Preventive Care Bonus Accumulations and Payment’ section of your Remittance Advice Report in the months following submission.

Ensure to bill your Preventive Care Bonus codes and backdate them to March 31, 2015 to reflect your performance in the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

The MOHLTC Preventive Care Target Population/Service Report will be issued in October 2015 which is updated to reflect mid-year changes to your target population and preventative care services provided. For further assistance or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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High Inside Use & Medical Billing Data Analysis

Ever wonder how many of your patients are over using your services?
Cirrus has developed a “High Inside Use & Billing Analysis” that will further support you in optimizing your medical practice. We identify enrolled patients heavily using your services by way of a cost-benefit analysis, entitling you to adjust your roster accordingly. In addition, the analysis will ensure that you are billing key areas often misbilled by family physicians, and getting paid for the care that you provide. For further information on this new analysis, please contact a Cirrus Consultant by filling out the form below to discuss how this service can help you and your practice.

Interim Acuity Modifier Payment to Primary Care Physicians

$40 million Interim Payout to Primary Care Physicians 

A one-time $40 million Interim Acuity Modifier payment has been distributed to eligible Ontario physicians in early 2014, as reflected on the January 2014 Remittance Advice.

As part of the 2012 Physician Services Agreement between the Ministry of Health and the Ontario Medical Association, the payout was administered to primary care physicians who roster acute patients.

The payment was calculated by multiplying:

The Acuity Premium was allocated by adding all eligible enrolment days across the province and dividing them by the available $40 million dollars.

Eligible Patients were those who were enrolled as of March 31st, 2013, and had received the top 20% of all primary care expenditures. For the physician to be eligible to receive the payment, they must have provided at least 50% of the expected Primary Care expenditure during the time the patient was enrolled. Visit the MOHLTC website for more information.
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New Primary Care OHIP Payment and Roster Reports

Lead physicians and members of Ontario primary care groups must register for Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer (MC EDT) in order to receive the following two new electronic reports:

These reports are replacing the Base Rate and Comprehensive Care and Complex Capitation Payment Reports, Comprehensive Care Capitation Payment Reconciliation Detail Reports and Enrolment Reports. Visit the MOHLTC website for more information.
If you have any questions regarding the above information please contact us
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News Release: Cirrus Partners with Henry Schein Dental

Cirrus Consulting Group And Henry Schein Dental Announce Agreement To Support Dentists Across North America By Managing Their Office Lease Agreements

TORONTO, Canada & WEST ALLIS, Wis., Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Cirrus Consulting Group, Inc. and Henry Schein Dental, the dental business of Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSIC), today announced the signing of an agreement between the two organizations with the goal of bringing Cirrus’ unique, high-value, high-impact lease services and solutions specifically designed for health care practitioners to customers of Henry Schein Dental across Canada and the United States.

The dental office lease agreement is the foundation of the dental practice. It has widely been known to be a more important tool for dentists, specifically, than almost any other health care or non-health care tenant due to the significant investment required to set up and maintain a practice. In addition to this, the overwhelming majority of dentists across North America leave the industry at the end of their careers by selling their interest in their dental practice. The success of these transitions is often significantly affected by a well-structured lease agreement. It is imperative that dentists properly establish and strategically manage this part of their practice throughout their careers in order to effectively manage occupancy costs; minimize risk to the dentist and the dentist’s family as a result of this commercial agreement; and effectively maximize flexibilities through the various stages of their careers.

With a focus on expanding its solutions portfolio to support the dental industry, Henry Schein Dental has emerged as the clear market leader in supporting dentists to operate their practices more efficiently, and more effectively. Cirrus Consulting Group’s extensive track record of servicing the dental industry for 20 years fits perfectly into […]

A Team Dedicated to Improving the Business of Healthcare

For 20 years, our expert healthcare consultants and dental leasing experts have been passionately devoted to providing solutions for physicians and dentists to help increase practice success both financially and operationally. We exist to let doctors be doctors, taking on mission-critical business functions, enabling our customers to spend more time delivering quality care to their patients.
The Evolution
The Cirrus team is continuously growing and adapting to meet the rising demands of the fast-paced expanding world of healthcare professionals. From a starting team of two, to a passionate team of over fifty, our professionals are dedicated to improving the delivery of care across North America. We’ve built and developed a team of hard-working, innovative, talented healthcare experts, who truly encompass what Cirrus has come to be; a company devoted to improving the business of healthcare by supporting people within it.
Our Team
Our remarkable team is comprised of top authorities from across the board, with extensive in-field experience, and a strong passion for the industry. Our in-house talent includes expert dental leasing consultants, specialty lease negotiators, an in-house legal team, real estate analysts, ex-landlords, skilled in-house health care analysts and highly specialized healthcare consultants. With all of these great assets under one roof, we’re able to provide physicians and dentists flexible support and expertise in healthcare consulting services and medical and dental office lease negotiations. 

Meet the Cirrus team, or contact us at 1.800.459.3413 with any questions; we’d love the hear from you!

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The New & Improved Cirrus Website

Cirrus Consulting Group is one of the most unique and innovative providers of highly specialized professional healthcare consulting and dental lease negotiation services to physicians and dentists across North America. It is with great pleasure that we announce the new and improved Cirrus website.


The new site design reflects a freshened Cirrus brand, with a contemporary and modern design and colour palette. The colour scheme is inclusive of our identifiable Cirrus blue, now paired with a splash of tangerine orange and sleek combination of greys.

New Menu Items

We’ve simplified and re-organized our menu options to make it easier for our doctors to navigate through the site and find what they’re looking for quickly. Our enhanced, user-friendly website provides visitors with a relevant and streamlined browsing experience, with easy access to dental leasing and healthcare consulting service information.

Whether starting or buying a dental practice, relocating, retiring, transitioning, or renewing an office lease, dental professionals will find all the info they’re looking for in the new and improved Solutions for Dentists module, featuring subpages devoted specifically to our dental office leasing services.

Our Solutions for Physician and Dentist menus have been totally revitalized, comprised of helpful sub-sections such as “I am a physician wants to…” or  “I am a dentist who wants to…” that allow the visitor to easily find information specific to their needs. In addition, visitors have easy access to specific information about our healthcare consulting services and/or dental lease negotiation and review services.

The Info Center houses a helpful repertoire of resources for doctors including service and testimonial videos, FAQ’s, White Papers and the Cirrus blog, while attending a Cirrus continuing education seminar has never been easier than with our updated seminar and events calendar.

The Cirrus team […]

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