What Happens If You Sign a Bad Dental Office Lease?

Solutions for Dentists

The details in your dental office lease can present issues that can cost you $100,000’s, making it one of the most important documents you will ever sign. The experts at Cirrus Consulting Group are here for your protection, specializing in dental lease negotiations and analysis, providing you with the guidance and expertise critical for the health and long-term security of your dental practice.

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Reality Check



of dentists across North America have a dental lease that may inhibit them from ever selling their dental practice.



of dentists in North America lose their ability to sell their dental practice each year.



of dentists have a lease that prevents them from ever getting to the end of their career in their current location, being forced by the landlord to relocate!

How Cirrus Helps

  • We work to minimize risks in your lease, saving you $100,000’s
  • We’ll help maximize the value of your practice
  • We help increase your dental practice sales flexibility
  • We save you the frustration, time and stress involved in a lease negotiation!

Dental Lease Negotiators
We Help Dentists Who Are…

No matter what stage you are in your career, our experts can help.

Our Dental Leasing Services include:

Dental Lease Negotiations

We save you time, stress and money by representing you in your dental office lease negotiations. Cirrus is  equipped with our unparalleled Lease Negotiators, in-house legal team, commercial and dental market research data, in-house dental practice brokers, and ex-landlords!  Learn more about our lease negotiation services.

Dental Lease Analysis and Review

We review your dental office lease, flagging it for critical action dates, and potential risks, arming you with the knowledge to protect yourself in your upcoming dental lease negotiation. Learn more about our dental lease review.

Dental Practice Acquisition and Assignment Services

Buying or selling a dental practice? There is much at stake when assigning a dental office lease. Our experts work with the buyer, seller, and/or brokers and attorneys on your behalf to ensure the Assignment of Lease occurs properly, protecting your best interest.  Learn more about our practice assignment and acquisition services.

Arm’s Length Lease

Thinking of buying a property for your dental office? The lease agreement, even when you own the building, can be a valuable asset or detriment for both your property and your dental practice. Let Cirrus create your dental lease for you! Learn more about our Arm’s Length Lease.

Why Trust Us

  • Cirrus has successfully negotiated over 10,000 lease agreements across North America.
  • We’ve saved thousands of dentists $100,000’s in rent, while significantly increasing the value of their practice.

  • We’ve got the full package, arming you with the expertise of an in-house legal team and professional lease negotiators.
  • Established in 1994, we were founded by dentists, for dentists.

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