Buying a Dental Practice

Considering buying a dental practice? Your practice will likely come with a dental office lease agreement. This is one of the most important contracts you will ever sign that can present expensive risks and liabilities in hidden clauses. The dental leasing experts at Cirrus can help you ensure that you and your practice are well-protected long after making your purchase. Download the White Paper: “Your Guide to a Smooth Practice Acquisition & the Lease”. 

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Buying a Dental Practice: What You Need to Know

Prior to completing your purchase, you’ll need to have your dental lease properly reviewed for hidden clauses that can potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without a thorough lease review, you could be inheriting a terrible lease agreement, jeopardizing your investment. At this stage, it’s critical to ensure you have lots of negotiating leverage with your landlord.

Dental offices are expensive and difficult-to-relocate businesses; the landlord knows this, therefore it’s the dental office lease agreement that’s your tool to help protect your investment well into the future, and avoid costly surprises.

Items to Consider When Buying a Dental Practice

  • Term & Options: Does the dental lease have enough term and options to renew left for you to use after you buy the dental practice?  Are you sure those options to renew are available to you? Often these options disappear as soon as one tenant transfers the lease to another.
  • Dental Clinic Renovations & Improvements: Does your lease give you the ability to make changes inside the dental office, and upgrade the space? Will you have to remove all of those improvements at some point down the road?
  • Dental Practice Relocation: Does your dental lease give your landlord the right to relocate your practice? If so, is it at your expense, or theirs?
  • Protection & Security: Is there a death & disability clause in the dental lease to protect you and your family, should something unexpected happen?

Plan ahead! There are many items to consider within your dental office lease that must be reviewed prior to buying a dental practice to guarantee your protection, providing the most effective and efficient flexibility to continue to run and grow your dental clinic.

What happens when you sign a bad lease?

Our Dental Leasing Services

Critical Dates and Risk Analysis a.k.a. Lease Review Services

Cirrus offers dentists looking to buy a dental a practice the Critical Dates and Risk Analysis (CDRA), a.k.a. the Dental Lease Review. This critical review process involves flagging important action dates and uncovering hidden risks in your lease. Learn more about our dental lease review services now.

Dental Lease Negotiations

Before buying a dental practice, our expert Dental Lease Negotiators will review and negotiate your lease, acting as the liaison between you and the landlord. Our leasing specialists take care of the entire lease negotiation process from start to finish, so you don’t have to. Learn more about our dental lease negotiation services now.

Dental Office Lease Date Tracker

No matter where you are in your dental career, one day your dental office lease will expire or hit its renewal date and you’ll have to renegotiate the terms in your lease with your landlord. Never miss an expiry date again, and enroll in our complimentary dental office lease date tracker system. Track your dental lease dates now!

Why Cirrus?

  • Cirrus has successfully negotiated over 10,000 lease agreements across North America.
  • We’ve saved thousands of dentists $100,000’s in rent, while significantly increasing the value of their practice.
  • Established in 1994, we were founded by dentists, for dentists!
  • We’ve got the full package, arming you with the expertise of an in-house legal team, professional lease negotiation team, real estate analysts, and ex-landlords!

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