My Dental Office Lease is Coming Up for Renewal

Does your dental office lease expire in the next 24 months or less? If so, it’s time to start planning your office lease renewal strategy. Smart office lease negotiations require long-term strategic planning, and a proactive approach. If you leave your dental office lease negotiation until the last minute, you will find yourself at the mercy of your landlord, with very little options and negotiation leverage.

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Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

  • How well prepared are you for your dental lease negotiation?
  • Have you read your dental lease agreement lately? If not, how do you know what to negotiate? What you are trying to achieve through the negotiation?
  • What is the right strategy in successfully accomplishing your dental practice goals?

Depending on what stage you are in your dental career, you’ll need to determine what, specifically, you need your dental lease to do for you at your current stage in life. You will need a proper dental lease negotiation strategy & plan to reach a desired end goal.

Does this sound like you?

  • “I’m a 38 year old dental professional and my practice is growing so I might need to expand and bring associates in down the road; I need my lease to help accommodate this flexibility.”
  • “I’m a 54 year old dentist at the mid-point in my career, and I really need to remove all personal risk from my dental lease agreement to protect my practice and my family’s assets. In addition, I could use death and disability protection in my lease, just in case…”
  • “I’m a 64 years old dentist starting to think about dental retirement, and selling and transitioning my practice in the next few years so I can retire. What do buyers look for, and how can I set up the lease to ensure a smooth sale and dental practice transfer process at maximum value to me?”

The above examples illustrate what every dentist going into a lease renewal needs to be focused on. Going into a dental lease negotiation without the right plan and process is like trying to create a treatment plan for somebody’s smile that you’ve never actually seen; impossible.

Dr. Brown and His Office Lease Renewal

Our Dental Leasing Services

Critical Dates and Risk Analysis a.k.a Lease Review Services

Cirrus helps dental professionals in any stage of their career renew their dental office lease with this valuable lease review, flagging critical dates and uncovering hidden risks.  Learn more about our dental lease review services, now.

Dental Lease Negotiation

Long before your lease expires, our Dental Lease Negotiators will help you analyse and negotiate your lease, acting as the liaison between you and the landlord. Our expert Dental Lease Negotiators will take care of the entire negotiation process from start to finish, saving you time, headaches and stress. Learn more about our dental lease negotiation services, now.

Dental Office Lease Date Tracker

No matter where you are in your dental career, one day your dental office lease will expire or hit its renewal date and you’ll have to renegotiate the terms in your lease with your landlord. Never miss an expiry date again, and enroll in our complimentary dental office lease date tracker system. Track your dental lease dates now!

How we help dentists

  • We’ll help you evade expensive $100,000 traps hidden in your dental lease.
  •  Cirrus will work hard to get you the best financial terms with your landlord.
  •  Our experts help enhance your ability to sell and transition your practice for dental retirement.
  •  We help you avoid risks and costly surprises, achieving long-term stability and peace-of-mind.
  •  Avoid the time, money and frustration involved in negotiating your own dental lease; leave it to the experts!

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