Starting a Dental Practice

Any dentist starting a practice will have to make their way through a dental lease negotiation with a landlord. Your dental office lease is one of the most important documents you will ever sign that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if not handled with care. Our expert dental lease negotiators have over 100 years of combined experience helping dentists properly start up their dental practices, ensuring their lease provides long‐term protection, security and fair and affordable terms. Download your Guide to Starting a Dental Practice and the Office Lease, now!

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What happens when you sign a bad lease?

Starting a Dental Practice: What You Need to Know

Wondering how to properly start a dental clinic? Click to view our downloadable Dental Practice Startup Guide or First Dental Practice Checklist,  two helpful guides to help you build open a new dental practice.

There are two important parts to getting the dental office lease properly negotiated: 1) The Offer to Lease or Letter of Intent & 2) The Dental Lease Review.

Part 1: The Offer to Lease, or Letter of Intent

This is the short form of your dental lease that mainly addresses economic terms such as rental rates, start date, length of term, options to renew, tenant improvement allowances, deposits, etc.

This is a very important step for anyone starting a practice, requiring extensive research and understanding to help negotiate fair terms. Our dental leasing experts are here to help you through this critical step. Remember, the ultimate goal for landlords and dental practice brokers is to try and get you to agree to the highest rent possible.

Research and a solid dental lease negotiation strategy are critical here, as this will determine how much money you will spend in rent over the next 10 years, perhaps longer; you don’t want to make a mistake.

Part 2: The Dental Lease Review

The next step in the process of starting a practice is reviewing, negotiating, and understanding the dental lease agreement.

The lease is typically a much longer document, always written and presented in a very landlord-favored way. This is the landlord’s tool to make as much money as they can from you, for as long as possible. Your dental lease is filled with terms and clauses that determine how well your practice will be protected over the coming years; let the experts at Cirrus review your dental lease and have a look. Some important questions to ask yourself are:

  • Who is guaranteeing the lease?
  • Is the lease set up to bring in associates or eventually sell your dental practice?
  • Does the landlord have the right to relocate your practice?
  • Does the landlord have the right to terminate your lease, and kick you out of the building?

Our Dental Leasing Services

Critical Dates and Risk Analysis (CDRA), a.k.a. Lease Review

Cirrus Consulting Group offers any dentist starting a practice the Critical Dates and Risk Analysis (CDRA), a.k.a. the Dental Lease Review. This critical review process involves flagging important action dates and identifying hidden risks in your lease. Learn more about our dental lease review services.

Dental Lease Negotiation

Before opening your dental practice, our Dental Lease Negotiators will review and negotiate your lease, acting as the liaison between you and the landlord. We’ll review and analyze your lease, taking care of the entire negotiation process from start to finish. Learn more about our dental lease negotiation services.

Dental Office Lease Date Tracker

No matter where you are in your dental career, one day your dental office lease will expire or hit its renewal date and you’ll have to renegotiate the terms in your lease with your landlord. Never miss an expiry date again, and enroll in our complimentary dental office lease date tracker system. Track your dental lease dates now!

Why You Need Cirrus, Now!

  • Minimize Risks: We’ll help you avoid expensive $100,000 traps hidden in your dental office lease.
  • Pay Lower Rent: We’ll work to get you fair and affordable financial terms with your landlord.
  • Maximize Flexibility: We’ll help enhance your ability to eventually sell and/or transition out of your practice.
  • Protect your Investment: With so much at stake, we’ll help you avoid costly surprises and achieve long-­term stability and peace-­of-­mind.
  • Save Time & Money: Avoid the time and headaches involved in negotiating your own lease.

Why Cirrus?

  • Cirrus has successfully negotiated over 10,000 lease agreements across North America.
  • We’ve saved thousands of dentists $100,000’s in rent, while significantly increasing the value of their practices.
  • Established in 1994, we were founded by dentists, for dentists.
  • We’ve got the full package, arming you with the expertise of an in-house legal team, professional lease negotiators, real estate analysts, and ex-landlords.

If you’re thinking about starting a dental practice, speak with one of our Dental Leasing Experts about what you need to know before it’s too late.

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