Standard Form Lease Creation: “Arm’s Length Lease”

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Just as the dental lease agreement is important to you and your dental practice as a tenant, the agreement will be critical to you and your practice when you own the building.

The dental lease can either be a valuable asset or a detriment for both your property and your practice. When you’re ready to sell your dental practice, you want the prospective buyer to feel confident that the practice they’re acquiring has a healthy long ­term lease that provides flexibility, options, and fair and equitable terms that allow them to grow.

Secure the future of your assets by ensuring your property’s dental lease is properly set up for sale down the line. Cirrus will work with you to create and finalize your ‘Standard Form Arm’s Length Lease’, taking care of writing the entire agreement from start to finish.

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Why does my dental office lease matter if I own?

When you own the building, you still need a lease in place as your practice remains the same, and the appraised value is still determined by the equipment, goodwill (patients), and the dental lease agreement.

Because building acquisition is expensive, with certain liabilities that come with owning commercial real estate, you’ll likely be advised to acquire the property as a separate company than your dental practice. In other words, it’s not the practice that’s buying the building, therefore there will be two separate companies: the landlord company, and the tenant company. Your office lease establishes how the relationship is set up between these the two companies, outlining their obligations to one another, separating them carefully for various legal and accounting reasons.

Questions to Consider

  • How much rent will you pay the building and yourself, every month?
  • When there are damages or fixes necessary on your property, who’s responsible for these?
  • How do you separate the relationship and obligations between the landlord and the tenant, when you are both?
  • Is your dental practice setup for growth and flexibility for the long-run, with appropriate options to renew, or to sell when you’re ready?

The dental office lease agreement is a valuable tool that helps protect and define your practice and building investment. Contact us now to secure the future of your asset with an Arm’s Length Lease written by Cirrus Consulting Group, 1.800.459.3413!

Why Choose Cirrus?

  • Cirrus offers the expertise of ex-landlords, an in-house legal team, professional lease negotiators, and real estate analysts.
  • We’ve successfully negotiated and reviewed over 10,000 dental lease agreements across North America.
  • We’ve helped thousands of dentists improve the value of their practice, while saving them from hidden risks in their lease.
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