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Whether you are starting a practice, buying or selling, relocating, planning for retirement, or simply seeking advice about how to bill your time, we’re here to help!

How Cirrus Helps

We Improve Practice Performance: Our healthcare consultants will help you better-manage and optimize your practice performance by developing a customized plan tailored to your specific practice needs.

We Improve Your Lease Agreement for Fair and Affordable Terms: Our team of specialized office lease negotiators are committed to getting doctors fair and affordable financial terms in their leases. We review and negotiate your medical or veterinary office lease from start to finish, determined to get you the best economic terms possible.

We Minimize Risks in Your Office Lease: Cirrus will help you protect your investment by exposing expensive hidden traps in your office lease that can cost you upwards of $100,000 if overlooked. Our team of professional lease negotiators will ensure your practice is setup for long-term stability, security and success, with the ability to sell and transition your practice smoothly when you’re ready.