Medical Practice Income Optimization

Maximize Your Medical Practice Income

The Cirrus Performance Index (CPI) is an evaluation and tool designed to help you better-understand where your practice income comes from, teaching you how to take better control of it to increase predictability. We assess your practice performance in each of the six major Family Health Organization (FHO) income streams, forming the framework of our step-by-step plan outlining how we will work with you to optimize your medical practice and grow your income. We assess your practice performance in each of the six major FHO income streams.

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What Comes with the CPI?

  • Practice Performance: Cirrus Consulting Group will combine specific performance metrics in each revenue category with peer comparisons to give you a well-defined understanding of how you are performing.
  • Goal Setting: Our healthcare consultants will work with you to identify clear and achievable practice goals that ensure your income is optimized to its full potential. We’ll make educated recommendations for specific changes we can implement that will positively affect your income.
  • Income Review & Analysis: We conduct a thorough review of the various components of your medical practice income, and learn how your practice habits impact it.

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