EMR Vendor Selection

Need help selecting an Electronic Medical Record vendor? Cirrus can help!

The selection of the right Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendor for your medical practice is a major decision for any doctor. Our experienced healthcare consultants will help you choose the right EMR solution that fits your specific clinic needs. We’ll work with you to determine your medical practice goals, compare vendors, and then assist you in negotiating a fair contract that meets your needs.

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The Cirrus EMR Vendor Selection Process

  • Needs Assessment: Our healthcare consultants will conduct an assessment of your medical practice needs to fully understand what kind of an EMR solution will best suit your clinic.
  • EMR Vendor Selection: Cirrus healthcare experts work with you to conduct an in-depth EMR vendor analysis that includes a pricing and benefits comparison of current EMR providers. This ensures that your functional and budgetary needs are met, and the right vendor selection strategy is in place. Cirrus does not work with a preferred EMR vendor, so we are able to review the various software options without bias, to ensure you make the right choice for your practice.
  • EMR Contract Negotiation: Once we’ve made a decision and finalized your EMR vendor, our Cirrus experts negotiate your EMR agreement details for you, aiming the most fair and affordable terms possible.
  • EMR Implementation and Evaluation: In collaboration with the electronic health records vendor, Cirrus will ensure that your new software is implemented in a timely and efficient fashion.

The Benefits of an EMR Solution

  • Physicians save valuable clinic time
  • Medical records are better-organized, and reflect accurate information and medical history
  • There is increased coordination between collaborative care models

Why trust our experts?

  • We offer physicians the full package, arming you with the expertise of an in-house legal team, professional negotiators and expert healthcare consultants.
  • We’ve assisted thousands of physicians in optimizing their medical practice income, which in turn has improved their clinics and patient care.
  • Established in 1994, we were founded by doctors for doctors!

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