Ontario Practice Development Program

Are you optimizing your medical practice to its full potential?

With over 15 years of experience as the leading provider of advisory and management services to Ontario family physicians, Cirrus Consulting Group knows that each physician’s practice is unique, facing a set of challenges specific to their individual practice styles and funding model.

Cirrus has developed a successful step-by-step program to help doctors actualize the objectives and goals unique to their practice. The Ontario Practice Development Program (OPDP) combines the specialized knowledge of our healthcare consultants with the framework of a customized, physician-centered plan.

The OPDP provides doctors with a tailored, comprehensive and innovative business solution that identifies meaningful ways to positively impact their practice.

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Program Benefits

  • Optimized practice income
  • Align pay with care provided
  • Increased staff engagement

  • Enhanced work-life balance
  • Improved patient care
  • Increased flexibility and office efficiency

The Program: What to Expect

Goal Assessment

Cirrus begins by meeting with you to understand your goals for the next 3-5 years. Some physicians are interested in maximizing practice income or medical billing model transitions, while others are more concerned with learning how to increase flexibility or wind down their practice for retirement.  No matter what plans you have, the Cirrus Team will work with you to create a custom program to ensure you reach your goals.

Medical Practice Analysis: Cirrus Performance Index

Once we familiarize ourselves with your practice goals, we conduct an analysis of your practice called the Cirrus Performance Index (CPI). The CPI is an assessment and helpful tool intended to assist you in better-understanding where your practice income comes from.

Our healthcare consultants assess your clinic’s performance in each of the six major FHO income streams, forming the framework of our strategic step-by-step plan, outlining how we will work with you and your staff to design a custom plan that will optimize your practice and grow your income. Learn more about the CPI.

Practice Optimization: Revenue Streams

Once we have a more detailed understanding of your current situation, our experts will go through the following modules with you to ensure all the necessary tools are in place to optimize your practice within all revenue streams:

  • Patient Roster Management
  • Access Bonus Optimization
  • Outside Use Management Analysis
  • Shadow Billing

  • Fee-for-Service Model Billing Strategies
  • Special Premiums
  • Preventative Care Bonuses

Our healthcare consultants, analysts and accountants are insight-driven and skilled at mining data for trends to capitalize on opportunities that are often left uncovered.

Our impact on Family Physicians

Cirrus' Impact on Family Physicians

We’re Here to Help

Our experts will provide you with a thorough, multifaceted analysis with detailed reporting, and tailored individual educational sessions. Cirrus will ensure you’re always up-to-date on the ever changing MOHLTC guidelines and state of your practice, giving you and your staff the ongoing individual attention necessary to ensure your practice is successful.

Why Choose Cirrus?

  • We’ve assisted thousands of physicians in optimizing their medical practice income, which has in turn improved their facilities and enhanced patient care.
  • We offer doctors the unparalleled knowledge pulled from in-house healthcare data analysts, medical lease negotiators, and knowledgeable and experienced healthcare consultants.
  • Established in 1994, we were founded by doctors, for doctors!

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