Outside Use Management Analysis

Take full advantage of your Access Bonus and optimize your medical practice income.

Access Bonus is an extremely important piece of the Family Health Organization (FHO) medical billing model that can present a significant revenue pool that if managed properly, can put thousands of dollars back into your clinic’s pocket.

Our group of healthcare consulting experts offer physicians the Outside Use Management assessment and tool that helps to take control of their patient roster and deliver more accessible care. It is one of the greatest strategies a doctor can apply to positively impact their practice income in the FHO model.

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Each physician’s Access Bonus potential is calculated as a percentage of their base rate payment, and then reduced for each interaction with rostered patients outside the FHO. The Cirrus Outside Use Management Analysis accumulates data for up to 6 months, and will show you the top 20 patients on your roster that are bringing down your Access Bonus.

By running the Cirrus analysis on your patient roster, our healthcare consultants can identify:

  • The top 20 patients negatively impacting your Outside Use
  • The days of the week your Access Bonus is most impacted
  • The top codes contributing to your Outside Use
  • A detailed report of the codes being billed by the top twenty patients seeking care outside
  • A cost/benefit analysis of the top Outside Users on your roster

The Cirrus Outside Use Management assessment is the only tool you need to take full advantage of your Access Bonus, and optimize your medical practice income! Our goal is to help our doctors capture 50% of their maximum Access Bonus payment.

Why Cirrus?

  • Established in 1994, we were founded by doctors, for doctors!
  • We save doctors over $10 million per year in relocation costs and rent.
  • We’ve assisted thousands of physicians in optimizing their medical practice income, improving their clinic facilities and enhancing patient care.

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