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If you’re a physician asking yourself any of the above questions, Cirrus Consulting Group can help! Founded by doctors in 1994, we offer physicians a comprehensive selection of healthcare consulting, lease negotiationand medical practice management services, aiming to significantly lessen stress, enhance practice value, increase internal office efficiency, and promote balance and peace-of-mind.

Leave the complexities of practice optimization to the experts at Cirrus!
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Cirrus Healthcare Consulting Services

  • Healthcare Office Lease Critical Dates and Risk Assessment (CDRA). Learn More!
  • Healthcare Office Lease Negotiations. Learn More!
  • Cirrus Performance Index (aimed at increasing practice revenue and maximizing income). Learn More!
  • Ontario Practice Development Program. Learn More!
  • Outside Use Management Report. Learn More!
  • Family Health Organization or Family Health Team (FHT) Group Optimization Services. Learn More!
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Vendor Selection Services. Learn More!
  • Medical Practice Billing Model Transitioning (FHO/FHT). Learn More!
  • Physician Retirement and Physician Transition Planning Services. Learn More!

Why Trust Cirrus?

  • We save doctors over $10 million per year in relocation costs and rent.
  • We’ve transitioned hundreds of doctors from every type of medical billing model to the FHO model, and we’ve never had a doctor who regretted the switch!
  • We’ve assisted thousands of physicians in optimizing their medical practice income, which has in turn improved their facilities and enhanced patient care.
  • We offer doctors the expertise of skilled in-house analysts, lease negotiators, and specialty healthcare consultants.

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