Veterinary Office Lease Negotiation Services

Upcoming lease negotiation or office lease renewal? How will you know what to negotiate? 

Landlords strive to increase the value of their properties by setting up the lease with language that enables them to raise rents, relocate your practice, prevent you from selling/retiring, or worse. To ensure you’re protected from these and other lease traps, Cirrus offers veterinarians our professional office lease negotiation services.

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Veterinary Office Lease Review & Rent Analysis | Critical Dates and Risk Assessment

Our lease negotiators will thoroughly review your lease for important dates, potential problem areas and risks, and develop a lease improvement and negotiation strategy to help you achieve fair and equitable leasing terms to protect your financial investment and prevent landlords from gaining an unfair advantage.

Some of the key issues we highlight include:

  • Relocation Rights: Does your office lease give your landlord the right to relocate your practice? If so, who pays for moving costs, demolition and/or renovations?
  • Assignment Provisions: Is there language in your lease that can prevent you from selling your practice, or that permits your landlord to proceeds of your eventual practice sale?
  • Protection and Security: Is there a death and disability clause in place that will protect your estate and family in the event something unexpected happens and you are unable to work?
  • Term and Options: Does your lease offer sufficient term and options to renew the lease, and are these options transferable to a future buyer?
  • Renovations & Improvements: Does the lease give you the right to make improvements to your veterinary clinic, and upgrade the space? If so, will you be required remove these improvements at some point down the road on your dime? This venture can easily cost you $150,000 or more in demolition and/or renovations expenses.

Office Lease Negotiation Strategy & Plan

Our experts will create a tactical plan based on what your ideal lease agreement should include, and decided how to negotiate for it effectively. We’ll discuss the details of your practice with you, your future career plans and your individual practice and leasing requirements. Armed with this knowledge and commercial real estate data, we’ll devise a negotiation strategy that will increase your chances of getting what you need from your upcoming lease negotiation.

From start to finish, our lease negotiators will act as the liaison between you and the landlord or broker, taking care of the entire process from start to finish, so you don’t have to. With over 20 years of experience negotiating healthcare office leases, you’ll feel safe knowing you’re being represented by our superb in-house legal team, commercial real estate research analysts, practice brokers, ex-landlords and the best negotiators in the industry.

Why You Need Our Lease Negotiators

  • We’re the Best at What We Do: With over 20 years of experience, we’ve successfully negotiated over 10,000 healthcare office lease agreements across North America, and have saved doctors $100,000 or more in rent and mistakes in their lease. Our negotiators are known for honesty, integrity, prompt responses, full-disclosure and detailed explanations and recommendations as-needed, and when requested by our clients.
  • Improve Lease Economics:  We’ll work hard to get you fair and affordable financial terms with your landlord.
  • Minimize Risks:  Our lease negotiators will help you protect your investment by flagging expensive traps hidden in your lease.
  • Maximize Sale Flexibility: We’ll help enhance your ability to sell and transition your veterinary practice, when you’re ready.
  • Save Time, Money and Stress: Avoid the time and headaches involved in negotiating your own veterinarian lease; focus your time and energy on providing quality patient care.

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