Relocating My Veterinary Practice

Animal health professionals who are planning to relocate their clinic will first have to find a new location, and then move through the veterinary office lease negotiation process with their prospective new landlord.

Research and a solid lease review and negotiation strategy are critical to relocating your veterinary practice. It’s recommended to bring in a leasing professional to review your current and proposed lease to ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected.

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Important Questions to Consider Before Relocating Your Veterinary Practice

  • How much time do you still have in your current space to avoid any “downtime” or “dark-time” while your new veterinary practice is being built?
  • Who is guaranteeing the lease?
  • Will the landlord offer you a tenant improvement allowance to help with build-out costs?
  • Is the new office lease set up to allow you to bring in associates and grow the practice?
  • Can the landlord deny your request to sell the practice and retire down the line?
  • Will the landlord have the right to relocate you throughout your tenancy? If so, who pays for the move, you or the landlord?
  • Does the landlord have the right to terminate your lease, and kick you out of the building should you default on terms in the new lease?

To guarantee a smooth and safe relocation, there are many important items to consider within your current and new office lease that must be reviewed and addressed prior to relocating your practice .

Video: What Happens When You Sign a Bad Office Lease?

Veterinary Office Leasing Services

Veterinary Office Lease Review & Rent Analysis | Critical Dates and Risk Assessment

Cirrus Consulting Group offers veterinarians the invaluable Critical Dates and Risk Assessment (CDRA), or Veterinary Lease Review, guaranteed to save you time and money. We thoroughly review your veterinary office lease and flag important action dates, traps and problem areas, arming you with the knowledge necessary to protect yourself in your upcoming office lease negotiation. Learn more about our lease review.

Veterinary Office Lease Negotiation Services

Avoid the endless time and frustration involved in negotiating your own office lease. Cirrus’ expert lease negotiators will handle the entire process for you from start to finish. We will create a lease negotiation strategy based on your practice needs and career goals, representing you in all dealings with your landlord with the expertise of an in-house legal team, commercial real estate analysts, ex-landlords and professional lease negotiators. Learn more about our professional office lease negotiation services.

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