Starting a Veterinary Practice

Did you know that 50% of animal health professionals are overpaying in rent,
and 85% have a lease that can prevent them from ever selling their practice?

Every animal health professional starting or opening a practice will have to make their way through an office lease negotiation with their landlord. Thorough research and a detailed office lease review prior to signing your lease is essential as the office lease will dictate your responsibilities as a tenant to your landlord for the next 10 years or more; there is no room for error.

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The veterinary office lease is comprised of dangerous, hidden clauses that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in risks like surprise relocations, eviction, or worse! With over 100 years of combined lease negotiation experience, Cirrus has helped thousands of doctors properly start up their veterinary practices, ensuring the lease provides them with long‐term protection, security and fair and affordable terms.

Video: What Happens When You Sign a Bad Office Lease?

Veterinary Office Leasing Services

Veterinary Office Lease Review & Rent Analysis | Critical Dates and Risk Assessment

Cirrus Consulting Group offers veterinarians the invaluable Critical Dates and Risk Assessment (CDRA), or Veterinary Lease Review, guaranteed to save you time and money. We thoroughly review your veterinary office lease and flag important action dates, traps and problem areas, arming you with the knowledge necessary to protect yourself in your upcoming office lease negotiation. Learn more about our lease review.

Veterinary Office Lease Negotiation Services

Avoid the endless time and frustration involved in negotiating your own office lease. Cirrus’ expert lease negotiators will handle the entire process for you from start to finish. We will create a lease negotiation strategy based on your practice needs and career goals, representing you in all dealings with your landlord with the expertise of an in-house legal team, commercial real estate analysts, ex-landlords and professional lease negotiators. Learn more about our professional office lease negotiation services.

Practice Acquisition & Office Lease Assignment Services

Buying or selling your veterinary practice? There’s so much at stake through the process of buying or selling a practice, and as such, it’s critical that the ‘assignment of lease’ and other important details occur properly, protecting the interest of both parties along the way. Learn more about acquiring a practice or assignment services.

Standard Form Office Lease Creation: Arm’s Length Lease (A.L.L.)

Thinking of buying a property for your veterinary office? Let Cirrus create your office lease for you! The lease agreement, even when you own the building, can be a highly valuable or detrimental tool for both your property and your veterinary practice. Let Cirrus create the veterinary office lease for you with the creation of an “ALL”. Learn more about our office lease creation services for building owners.

How Cirrus Helps Animal Health Professionals

  • Lease Economics: Our team will work hard to negotiate fair and affordable financial terms in your lease with your landlord.
  • Minimize Risks: We’ll help you protect your investment and avoid expensive traps hidden in your veterinary office lease that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in traps.
  • Stability: Achieve long-term stability and peace-of-mind with a lease that is set up properly in support of your goals.
  • Maximize Flexibility: We’ll help enhance your ability to sell and transition your practice when the time comes to retire.
  • Save Time & Money: Avoid the endless time and headaches involved in negotiating our own veterinary office lease.

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